The Soul Revival


Dear Tribers, it’s been a long time coming but we’ll finally be able to experience sound, sight and touch together on the divine free space that is the dancefloor.

It took a lot of patience and energy to stay put, nonetheless did we go through a very fruitful period of time in which we set out plans for the near future. The world’s extended off-time provoked a series of new impulses and creative output which we can’t wait to present you. That’s why we’re filled with joy having things turning back to an environment in which we can express ourselves through events and rediscover the freedom of celebration and exploration we’ve been accustomed to for so long.

For now, we’re beyond grateful to return and play part in Radion’s upcoming re-opening: REVIVE. Spread over two weekends, the club has set up a massive four-day celebration and we’ve been assigned to program the space’s upper room on Friday the 9th of July. As most of you might already know, the upper room resembles a sloping area with an arena-like feel. Which places each and everyone dancing on various heights, yet at the same time granting every single one of you a unique view of both crowd and artists. As for the artists ushering in the upcoming Tribe Tale, we’ve decided to let a trio of close-to-our-heart acts take over the controls for multiple hours each: Doris Nicholas, Ogazón and Children of Valis.

With a three-hour ride Doris will introduce the night to all and kickstart this new chapter of celebrations. It being Bucharest’s Guesthouse or Nijmegen’s Brebl, our now Berlin-based head of creativity and booking knows all too well how to select from a deep and wide pool, therewith laying the foundation of long nights and early mornings. Expect selections from both the trippy as the energetic spectrum, presented to you vivaciously from midnight on.

Gracing the stage after Doris will be Luxembourger extraordinaire Ogazón. Either recently playing the infamous Hör Berlin, Mudd Show or Radio Radio’s fresh streaming series, as of late she keeps on captivating, surprising and stimulating listeners. Apart from being the elegant all-rounder when it comes to selecting, she’s able to match up energy and vibe wherever she puts down the needle. We are thrilled to have her back in the Dam.

With the Children closing off the night well bring two very familiar faces to Radion. David & Stefan have been on a roll since the two joined each other behind the decks and were confident theyll continue where they left off last year, taking their subby selections from place to place and stage to stage. To get a taste of the boys right now, head over to our SoundCloud or simply scroll down for their crisp contribution to our mix series.

A final addition to the program comes from Finn Berenbroek. In the form of custom-made visuals, Finn prepared true eye candy to go with the flow of the night.

Combining the long and extremely missed golden trio of the mentioned space, art, deejays and you, we foresee a night to remember. See you on the 9th of July.

Much love,

The Tribe

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