The Backyard Tales of The Tribe.

Not a lot of words are needed to convey the weight of recent months’ developments worldwide. Putting aside the obvious strain put on society, we’d much more like to start using this space for what is yet to come in terms of countering and recovering from all forms of burden experienced in the past.

In conjunction with subtle yet impactful developments throughout the cultural sector of the Netherlands we are finally able to reconnect. Apart from a digital connection via the brand-new site you’re supposedly reading from right now, we will therefore physically gather again on the 8th of August with limited capacity. A rather unexplored form of bonding will be presented to you that specific Saturday in collaboration with De Achtertuin, a space of passion and sympathy. With that particular environment and current regulations in mind, a broad program of healing musical affairs has been assembled to set up a memorable event.

While embracing the August sun we’re more than eager to welcome you starting at noon and get you in the right atmosphere right away. The afternoon is bound to progress with a selection of sets by well-respected friends and figures. Initially, ESHU founders Jocelyn and Roger Gerressen are presenting a one-off oldskool set aimed at highlighting the label’s singular sound. 

Afterwards, the sound magician that is Ion Ludwig will lay down a special Tone Bardo Therapy set. Considering the set is dedicated to one out of three beautifully composed albums he presented amidst recent turbulent times, healing frequencies are guaranteed. 

The Backyard Tales’ conclusion is assigned to a Tribe resident duo of the first hour, Zaza & Doris Nicholas. The two are set to provide a fitting soundtrack to the day’s close on home soil. Looking forward, we cannot wait to have this collective reunited with all of you by means of sound and presence. 

In terms of visual flattery, our beloved designer Finn Berenbroek has granted us with brand new VJ loops that will be on display at night. As our celebrated host, De Achtertuin offers a fine assortment of beverages and cuisine that will unquestionably add to the soothing ambience all day. Together with them, we hope to accommodate as many as possible of you and sight some much-missed unity of kindred souls.

Much love,

The Tribe

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