Thank YOU.

As unpredictable as it certainly was, we cannot deny that quite the remarkable year is coming to a close. In times of unexpected twists and turns we have been so lucky to repeatedly unite in some of the most beautiful ways. When briefly looking back at 2021, we mainly smile and realise what fantastic opportunities we have been given within such a short and erratic timeframe. From hosting the divine “Last Dances” at Radion and Brebl to setting up the summer series of A La Playas at Nijmegen’s Stek, the lighter months have certainly cancelled out the darker ones this year.
Therefore, we cannot but highly appreciate all the maneuvering of our rocksteady partners and assisting troops that made the intense production and execution of this year’s events possible.
Thank you so much dear dancers, troopers, artists and of course Radion, Brebl and Strandbar Stek!
In many ways, we got reminded again of what special energy can be transferred on those floors and what unique sensations gatherings alike can trigger in all of us. Not to mention that catching glimpses of this many high-spirited dancers throughout the year really fuelled us up to the brim.
Of course, the recurring absence of bustling club culture hits that much harder because of this. But the future does look bright on many aspects with The Tribe Tales entering a new chapter of existence being one of them. A long-unfulfilled project will see the light of day soon and we are absolutely pumped to share it. More news regarding this after we roll into a short period of wintry radio silence. Stay safe & wild dear tribers, we will be back.
Much love and all the best wishes for 2022,
The Tribe