6 Years of Love, and counting…

With renewed energy and a bulk of last year’s memories still fresh in our minds we can say that 2022 is looking so very bright! At the time of writing, we’re in the midst of preparing our 6-year anniversary which is shaping up to become exactly the kind of celebration we were hoping for since we’ve had to skip out on the last two. Partly, this comes from the unexpected chance to return to our homebase of Brebl once more. Besides that, our urge to meet each other on the floor again has been peaking for too long!

With this long-awaited celebration we want to introduce you to someone very special to us that has been pushing a singular vision through music. This French-born, Berlin-based wizard goes under the name of Cez and has been on our wishlist for a long time. We highly recommend you to go through his released works to get a glimpse of our sentiment towards his sound.

Besides Cez we are happy to have another long-awaited debut on the 30th of April in the form of PRS. These familiar faces from the Dam bring a combo of hypnotism and bold grooves to the floor that we’ve grown very fond of and fits tightly for a lengthy opening session..

Closing off the night in style is our very own Doris Nicholas. Being a resident from day one, we can guarantee a seductive blend of house and techno that will make you want to extend your night.

The good news is that you can. We will partner up with one of the finest collectives around and take the heat from Brebl to the nearby Strandbar Stek for the afterhours of your dreams: The Tribe Tales X Eshu Records. We can honestly say that Eshu has strongly influenced us from an early stage and every single person contributing to their label and events brings a unique set of skills and knowledge to the table. We are therefore honored and psyched to team up for this one and share the first hours of what will become Eshu’s Dubby Sunday party.

In other news, you might have spotted a slight transition in art direction, branding as well as a change to the name under which we now push our events / operate. We felt the time was right for a fresh new look to go with the series of landmark announcements in the coming weeks and to start a new chapter as The Tribe Tales. While more details are on their way, we can already share that record label operations are in full effect and a series of beautiful moments is planned for the summer.

For now we want to invite you to our beloved Brebl on the 30th of April to celebrate 6 Years of Love back at the place where it all began.