6 Years of Love, and counting…

With renewed energy and a bulk of last year’s memories still fresh in our minds we can say that 2022 is looking so very bright! At the time of writing, we’re in the midst of preparing our 6-year anniversary which is shaping up to become exactly the kind of celebration we were hoping for since we’ve had to skip out on the last two…

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Thank YOU.

As unpredictable as it certainly was, we cannot deny that quite the remarkable year is coming to a close. In times of unexpected twists and turns we have been so lucky to repeatedly unite in some of the most beautiful ways. When briefly looking back at 2021, we mainly smile and realise what fantastic opportunities we have been given within such a short and erratic timeframe…

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The last Brebl

A farewell to one of Nimma’s most iconic cultural spaces.

We’ve lost count of how many magical nights we’ve experienced together in this place we called home for over 5 years. The very beginning, NYE, Neverending Sundays; connections have been made with so many beautiful people at Brebl throughout time. It is hard to grasp what we will leave behind…

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An interview with Reiss

We sat down with Reiss to talk about past, present and future:

Thanks for doing this Reiss. After two packed editions we’re looking forward to conclude the season with you and the Nimma crowd. How has this recent period of re-opening been for you and did the feeling of a somewhat late summer of love eventually get to you in any form?….

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A Sunday A La Playa

Without getting into the random politics and decisions that have been made since our last event at Radion, we treasure the fact that we are currently allowed to have intimate outside gatherings. Therefore, we couldn’t help but plan something on rather short notice and touch base in Nijmegen once more to continue our infamous A La Playa series at the recently opened Stek…

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The Soul Revival

Dear Tribers, it’s been a long time coming but we’ll finally be able to experience sound, sight and touch together on the divine free space that is the dancefloor.

It took a lot of patience and energy to stay put, nonetheless did we go through a very fruitful period of time in which we set out plans for…

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The Backyard Tales of The Tribe.

Not a lot of words are needed to convey the weight of recent months’ developments worldwide. Putting aside the obvious strain put on society, we’d much more like to start using this space for what is yet to come in terms of countering and recovering from all forms of burden experienced in the past.

In conjunction with subtle yet impactful…

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The Tribe

The Tribe is a collective founded in Nijmegen which focusses on showcasing electronic music and art programs. Bounded by a philosophy gathering likeminded souls, through sending love and affection in all of our outings.

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